About Us

Florida State
General Contractors

Florida State General Contractors, LLC is based in Nokomis, Florida and has been proudly serving the community for over a decade. Water damage and mold growth are inevitable and can be dangerous to our health. Using our superior equipment and licensed expertise, we tend to these issues professionally and effectively. Our beliefs are simple: to provide effective and affordable solutions to some of the most common problems Florida homeowners face.

We pledge to eradicate the source of the problem because we value the health and safety of our clients. As a result, we provide 24/7 emergency response availability for the following services: Leak detection, mold testing, mold remediation and water removal.

Our Mission

To effectively and affordably provide leak detection, water remediation, mold remediation, and indoor air quality services to the people of Sarasota and Manatee County.

Our Vision

To further expand our expertise and provisions so that we can continue to provide top quality services to the community.

Our Testimonials

What Our Client’s Say

Ellen Cranos

Amazing team, made our home comfortable & breathable again. Professional, affordable. So grateful, highly recommend.

Lindsey McAdoo

Never thought I'd be able to get my kitchen back to looking new and beautiful after I poured water on a grease fire but these guys know what they're doing. Very professional, friendly, and talented services!

Kate C

Tampa, FL

FSGC was fast, professional, and affordable! I'd recommend them to anyone who's dealing with mold or water damage in their home.

Bretton Inganamort

I have worked with a lot of contractors and Florida State General Contractors have team members that possess an eye for detail that is borderline unmatched in their profession. I cannot recommend the gentlemen and scholars at Florida State General Contractors enough!

All Addison

I had some mold in my bathroom and Cameron came out to my house within 24 hours of our phone call. He detected some mold and told us all everything we needed to do and he had all the mold removed for us. I feel much safer in my home now. Thank you so much!